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Common? is a work by Fiona Woods, made specially for Tulca, to be situated within the existing visual economy of the city. It consists of a set of related photographic images shown on Bus Shelters and Bike Shelters in the Spanish Arch and Eyre Square areas. The work responds to the Tulca 2010 theme 'Living on the Edge' by considering and making work at an edge between humans and the rest of the world, but also by considering the edge between art images and other kinds of images, playing with possibilities of how images are read outside the comfort zone of a gallery context.

In view of current environmental realities, we need to rethink our relations to the rest of the world. As a starting point,Common? considers the way that humans set themselves apart from everything else - both the material world and the animal world. Dividing the world into subjects and objects - human 'subjects' with everything else reduced to mere 'objects' - has led us to relate to the world primarily as consumers of that world and everything it contains.

At one level Common? suggests that we reconsider this relationship, that we see ourselves as part of a continuum that includes all forms of matter and energy, including other life-forms. By asking the question 'Do we have this in common?' the work also proposes that we shift the focus from ideas of property and private rights towards ideas of what we hold in common as humans and in relation to the broader world.

At another level, Common? engages directly with the way that images are used to structure our relationship to the world. Our environment is saturated with visual images, and while everyone knows that these impact on our values and ideas, their presence is like a hum of background noise that we stop noticing after a while. By  situating Common? directly in the public domain, using images that are slightly awkward, that don't lend themselves to being absorbed in a single glance, this work sets out to create a small rupture, like a moment of silence in that constant hum.

Special thanks; To the brave Jans Schuumans, Mecky and Kevin for goats and Andrew Collins for multiple tasks.
Common? (2) , Bus shelter, Eyre Square, Galway, November 2010. Photo by Jeannine Woods.
Common? (3), one of a a group of three images, Bike Shelter, Eyre Square, Galway, November 2010. Photo by Jeannine Woods.
Common? (3) , Bus shelter, Spanish Arch, Galway, November 2010. Photo by Veronica Nicholson.