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Through my theoretical, practical and curatorial research I am always attempting to answer a basic question for myself; how can change occur and what role can art play in bringing it about?

I am interested in the idea of a coming politics, one that is not disastrous for non-human life. In an effort to locate alternative places from which to think about the world and its conditions, my work proposes a liminal zone of indeterminacy between the human and non-human worlds.

This thinking at the limits of the human is aligned with a theory of emergence, which makes it possible to conceptualise change as more than just a rupture or negation of what already exists. I pursue a strategy of staging foolish and absurd events and identities as a way of opening to emergent subjectivities, reconfigured relative to dominant subject-object modes of perceiving.

The work takes place at an interface between the lifeworld and the institutional site of art; my practice shifts between anonymous works in the public realm and authored gallery installations.