*periphery is a project by YH485 Press, curated by aaron juneau, jonathan watts and harriet mitchell. It takes the form of a limited edition tabloid newspaper, and an online publication
conributors; on the edge research; jeremy millar; alice carey; mike pearson; rosemary shirley; duncan higgins; joanne lee; lawrence bradby; evi grigolopoulou; anna churcher clarke; emma cocker; ian hunter; jo robertson; jonny aldous; lee triming; andrew pepper; s mark gubb; jennie syson; georgina barney; david berridge, hyun jin cho, david johnson and pippa koszerek; dean kenning; exocet; john plowman; my villages; bruce ayling; theo turpin and federico campagna; fiona woods; david reid and fiona maclaren; john newling; kathleen coessens and marie-francoise plissart.
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