Imaginary Museum was a temporary public artwork that took place in Silvermines between June - August 2007.

My initial researches and conversations with people made it clear that I needed to address the notion of ‘heritage’, something which the local community consider to be very important. A community initiative to develop a Museum of Mining had fallen through in the 1980’s when, upon discovery of profoundly damaging toxic waste in the area, the State withdrew its offer of funding for the project.

As a response, I created a situation that I felt to be in keeping with the principles of pyschogeography. The ‘museum’ in this instance was a combination of subjective and objective practices and forms of knowledge. The ‘collection’ consisted of whatever people brought me; nothing that was brought was refused or excluded and everything found a place in the display of the collection, the organisation of which was governed by spatial and aesthetic considerations.

This collection was made up of items, photographs, stories, maps,songs and drawings that people brought. The items were lent for the duration of the project, or were brought along to be scanned or photographed. The project took place over a two month-period, opened to the public on two consecutive days every week and culminating in a public hospitality event funded by North Tipperary County Council.
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