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common? is an ongoing series of photographic works, first developed as part of collection of minds #1, in association with PS2, Belfast as part of Rhyzom ( - see below for further details.

The series has recently been extended through the commissioning of new works for the public realm, as part of Tulca Festival of Visual Art, Galway, 2010.

The work is composed of images and text, it is a consideration of commonality and the idea of what cannot be owned. The work is deliberately located on an edge between the space of art and the wider visual economy, in keeping with my interest in the structuring effects of images on our relations to the non-human world.

collection of minds #1
is an exploration of the idea and practice of commons. There are three related aspect to this work;
common, is it? and common? (2), photographic works, 2010
Common? (3), series of 3 photographic works, 2010
Common? (2), photographic work, 2010