The proper coordination or relation of components; a  ground plan of a road; arrangement in a straight line  

Drawing on the theme of Mutual Exchange, Fiona Woods and Maria Kerin have chosen to work together on a piece created specifically for this exhibition.  

Through a time-based, cumulative, research process they will bring their practices one sculptural, one performative - into temporary alignment. What interests the artists is not only where their practices overlap, but the ways in which their practices could never meet. The artists will negotiate tensions between density and ephemerality, light and weight, abstraction and materiality.  

Woods has intervened in the exhibition space by suspending a number of rudimentary forms from the ceiling. These forms, created from materials to hand (recycled cardboard and paper in this case) arise from her ongoing sculptural investigation of the idea of folly.  

Kerin will take these forms and their suspension in the space as a starting point for a second intervention. Responding to the resonance of the work through contact improvisation, she will engage with the forms, adding, subtracting, expanding or defacing them, bringing to the task of assemblage a performative quality of presence.  

By negotiating an unknown space that is shared, by witnessing and documenting this process, the artists will engage in a continuous dialogue through the unfolding work, trusting that the creative outcome will reflect the journey undertaken.
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First session October 21st 2009 (above); Maria Kerin's first performative intervention
Second session November 2nd 2009 (below)
phone camera pictures, day 1 - aren't they gorgeous - look at those colour values. They are more like what's visible on a given morning in the space, less camera compensation going on.
fiona woods
For Mutual Exchange, curated by Trudi van der Elsen, I invited Maria Kerin to collaborate with me on a work. Using an early study for Folly (stage two), a set of rudimentary forms suspended in the space, Kerin created a series of performances, live and filmed, in which she interacted with and set these forms in motion.